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Registered Shares

ITEM 10: Resolution on the conversion of bearer shares to registered shares and a corresponding amendment to the Articles of Association

In accordance with the Aktiengesetz, shares of a German stock corporation are the property of specifically named individuals or unnamed bearers. Both forms are commonly used in Germany. To date, the Company’s shares have been bearer shares.

The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board propose converting the previously issued bearer shares into registered shares. In the case of registered shares, only those individuals entered in the share registry shall be deemed shareholders of the Company. By issuing its stock in the form of registered shares, the Company will be able to determine more easily who its shareholders are. This will also make it easier for the Company to contact its shareholders and improve the Company’s ability to inform and communicate with the shareholders registered by name.

Here you will find a FAQ-document with questions and answers about Registered Shares (PDF, 100 kB)