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Requests for additions

Requests for additions to the agenda pursuant to Section 122 (2) AktG


Shareholders whose shareholdings represent one-twentieth of the share capital or the proportionate amount of EUR 500,000 may request items to be set on the agenda and publicised. Each request must be accompanied with its substantiation or a draught resolution. The request must be submitted in writing to the BOARD of Directors of GRENKELEASING AG and must be received by the Company no later than midnight (CEST), April 2, 2016. Request for additions received later than this date will not be considered. Please direct requests for additions to the following address:


Board of Directors of GRENKELEASING AG

c/o Investor Relations

Neuer Markt 2

76532 Baden-Baden


Any requests for additions to the agenda that are not included in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting will be publicised immediately upon receipt in the Federal Gazette and similar media where it may be assumed that the information will be disseminated throughout the European Union. These requests will also be published on the Company's website at


Within the statutory period no requests for additions to the agenda by shareholders were received.


This text is published in German and as an English translation. In the event on any conflict or inconsistency between the English and the German versions, the German original shall prevail.