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Counter motions and nominations by shareholders

Shareholder countermotions and nomination proposals pursuant to Sections 126 (1) and 127 AktG and other shareholder inquiries


Shareholders’ countermotions and their substantiation with respect to a proposal of the Board of Directors and / or Supervisory Board under a specific agenda item, as well as nomination proposals or other inquiries from shareholders with respect to the Annual General Meeting, together with the name of the shareholder, should be submitted to



Investor Relations

Neuer Markt 2

76532 Baden-Baden

Fax: +49 7221 / 5007-4218


or sent by email to


Countermotions and nomination proposals addressed otherwise will not be considered.


Shareholder countermotions and nomination proposals to be publicised, including the shareholder's name and substantiation, will be published at immediately upon their receipt, provided the Company receives these at least 14 days before the date the Annual General Meeting, i.e. no later than midnight (CEST), April 18, 2016. Any comments by the Company's management will be published at the above Internet address.


Please also see the notification requirements under section 21 et seq. of the Wertpapierhandelsgesetz (WpHG – German Securities Trading Act) and the legal consequences of the suspension of all rights arising from the shares in the event of violations of a notification requirement as stipulated in section 28 WpHG.


Within the legal period no counter-petitions were received.


This text is published in German and as an English translation. In the event on any conflict or inconsistency between the English and the German versions, the German original shall prevail.