A vision becomes business reality.

Entrepreneurs are always also visionaries. In 1978, Wolfgang Grenke identified an untapped market in leasing for office communications equipment and founded the company as a sole proprietorship in Baden-Baden. He began a success story to which new chapters were continuously added.


In the first year of business, he provided services for 21 specialist resellers and managed 198 leasing contracts with just two employees. Even then he recognised a market niche with immense potential for the leasing of IT and office equipment – with items having relatively low purchase costs (small-ticket IT leasing).


In 1990, GRENKE became one of the first leasing companies to establish a legally independent branch in the former East Berlin. Eight branches in Germany and in Austria – which was the first step across international borders – followed over the next six years. GRENKE’s European activities were further enhanced by operations in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and in Italy.


The change of the legal status of the company to a public limited company took place in December 1997 and an initial public offering was carried out in April 2000. GRENKE has been listed on the SDAX since March 2003. We have always remained true to our company’s philosophy and strategic outlook.