Value-added leasing

Not all leasing solutions are alike. Innovative financing concepts are required for long-term market success. Therefore, we have developed a series of innovative offerings that go well beyond the traditional leasing contract and also highlight our leading market position.


We have specialised in not just supporting our specialist resellers with standard transactions, but also with offering them optimal solutions to the individual requirements of their customers. This allows us to strengthen our partnerships and ensures the long-term loyalty of specialist resellers to our company. At the same time, we safeguard the satisfaction of our common customers. As a long-term partner, we aim to offer both specialist resellers and customers with more than just cost benefits. Through expert advice, rapid, uncomplicated processing, and online-based support, we make the handling of leasing financing extremely easy, which allows our specialist resellers and customers to focus on their own core business.


Our financing offerings are also optimally tailored for the international market. Each country has its own specific market conditions and its own regulatory environment. These legal conditions can mean, for example, that legally in some countries rental solutions may be predominantly or even exclusively offered. The traditional leasing contract is not offered there or is only available to a limited extent. Customer requirements also differ from country to country. There are significant, growing differences in the structure of market demand among the individual European Union countries of Western Europe and even more so among the new Eastern European member states. We tailor our offerings to these circumstances, enabling us to achieve rapid growth throughout Europe.


In all countries, a key factor in our success has been the rapid and convenient processing of leasing and rental transactions via GRENKE’s online portal. This portal was expressly designed for our specialist resellers. It allows them to calculate offers for their customers quickly and easily. Applications can be made directly online and partners can receive the confirmation within a few minutes. They can also print out their customers’ contracts directly and arrange for their signature. For our partners, the entire processing of financing applications runs quickly and smoothly. We also provide our customers with an intelligent tool – the customer portal – which allows customers to carry out their entire contract management procedure easily and securely. They can view their stored data and contracts at any time and make amendments on their own where required.


GRENKE has been approaching customers directly with the launch of direct sales activities in 2004. The aim of these activities is to provide SMEs with expert support for their projects. Personal service allows for tailored financing concepts geared specifically to customer requirements. No two small or medium-sized enterprises are the same. The majority of these clients no longer want universal solutions. Instead, individual support and specifically tailored leasing and service concepts are required. Account managers are available on site at all German sites and at more and more of the European locations. They work hand in hand with our specialist resellers to ensure that technical solutions and financing concepts perfectly complement each other.


We have also augmented our range of direct business with our master lease agreement. This ensures the best terms for our customers and the greatest room for manoeuvre in terms of planning their IT purchases. Together with their account manager, clients define an annual budget for planned investments and benefit from preferential conditions on every single contract. This means that customers can lease different products independently of one another during the agreed 12-month period and even make the smallest purchases under the same terms as a “large application”. Within the agreed period, customers can freely decide how much is to be invested in accordance with their technical requirements and business performance. The duration and structure of the contract can also be individually selected for each individual item and of course, always under the preferential conditions of the master lease agreement.