Welcome to GRENKE Group

GRENKE is a one-stop service provider, offering its customers everything from flexible leasing arrangements for their machines and IT systems, to needs-based banking products and practical receivables management.


Above all, we concentrate on ensuring quick and straightforward processing. That way, companies across all our business divisions benefit from our experience in the efficient handling of a multitude of transactions and the resulting economies of scale. And that adds up to a big difference.


At the same time, despite our increased size, we value and cultivate personal contact with our customers and partners. For more than 40 years, your added value has been the focal point of everything we do.


Our in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs enables us to provide solutions that are perfectly tailored to their requirements. That’s why it’s important to be on the spot – whether it’s in Baden-Baden, Santiago de Chile or Paris.


What started as a sole proprietorship with Wolfgang Grenke as the founder, is a multinational company today that is represented in 31 countries all over the world. Because closeness is the only way to build trust. It is essential for the successful and long-term relationships we cultivate with our customers, specialist resellers and partners – relationships that often last for decades. That is what we strive for day after day – with unwavering commitment and reliability.